RubyWorld Conference 2010

2010 9/6 (Mon) - 7 (Tue)



Recent years have seen the rapid spread of the Ruby programming language to business systems at various private enterprises and administrative bodies, in addition to the development of web applications, for which it has been commonly used.
Held on September 7–8, 2009 in Shimane Prefecture’s Matsue City, the RubyWorld Conference 2009 displayed examples of advanced uses of Ruby, as well as the latest trends in relevant technologies and the standardization of its language specifications. With as many as 1,092 visitors in attendance from around the world, the event drew a great response from every quarter of the globe.
Now, with a view to further expanding the Ruby market and business, we are pleased to announce the RubyWorld Conference 2010 on September 6-7, 2010.


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■ Expansion of the Ruby market / business

The conference aims to promote the greater use of Ruby and expand the scope of its applications by updating Ruby user developers and engineers with the latest technological trends, model business applications, and progress in the acquisition of an international standard (ISO) status for this programming language. The conference also aims to appeal to potential users, i.e., developers and engineers who are not currently using Ruby but are interested in doing so.
Through the presentation of model applications, Ruby’s advantages will be communicated to users of Ruby-based systems, so that these end users will then take an interest in Ruby and specify Ruby-based systems for their future purchases.
With these opportunities for publicity, the expansion of the Ruby market and business will be promoted.

Conference summary


September 6 (Mon.) and September 7 (Tues.), 2010


International Conference Hall (3F) and Multipurpose Hall (1F), Shimane Prefectural Convention Center “Kunibiki Messe”


Executive Committee for RubyWorld Conference 2010

Affiliated bodies:
Ruby Association LLC; Shimane Prefectural Government; Matsue Municipal Government; Shimane University; Matsue College of Technology; JETRO Matsue, Shimane Industrial Promotion Foundation; Shimane Information Technology Industry Association; Open Source Software Society Shimane; METI Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry


Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)

Conference theme

Ruby’s ecosystem

To provide information to everyone involved with Ruby, including developers and engineers, end users of Ruby-based systems, and the Ruby community, and to foster a common understanding of “Ruby’s ecosystem,” which provides a full view of each party’s position / thinking, and the backgrounds and advantages / disadvantages of various technologies.

Keynote speakers

Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto (Ruby Association LLC) and one other speaker (under consideration)

Other guest speakers

To be selected by the Program Committee
Some speakers will be invited from the public

Estimated number of visitors

500 on each day


Free (Registration to begin in mid-June)

RubyWorld Confernece 2010 Exective Committee


To Participate

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