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2010 9/6 (Mon) - 7 (Tue)


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We had the first RubyWorld Conference 2010 Executive Committee for the preparatory of the upcoming conference in September.

1 Date

7th(Fri) May 2010 10:30-11:30

2 Place

Room No.301, Shimane Prefectural Assembly Hall, 3F

3 Attendant

Ruby Association LLC; Shimane Prefectural Government; Matsue Municipal Government; Shimane University; Matsue College of Technology; Shimane Industrial Promotion Foundation; Shimane Information Technology Industry Association

JETRO Matsue; METI Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

4 Agenda

All bill and agenda agreed.

5 Chair man, Yukihiro Matsumoto spoke on;
The theme of this year is “Ecosystem”

In the past, very often such meetings were directed to the Ruby supporters and technically interested people. But in the recent years while Ruby related businesses developed, the clients who struggled how to get people understand Ruby to promote it, along with increase of such technical staff as sales man, managements, etc. have been increasing a lot. Like-wise, network of Ruby users are diversifying quickly.

By these diversifying, the network of information tend to be small. We tend to exchange information’s in a small network between same category such as the information of technique is exchanged between technicians, business is exchanged between business. However, the development of technique cannot be expected without business. On the other hand, IT business cannot exist without the collaboration of technique. That is a reality.

We make RubyWorld Conference 2010 be a place where we can send and exchange information’s easily such as overlook the Ruby by a lot of people even though they are not familiar with technique or business. Our aim is mutual understanding between the various people who are involved in Ruby.

RubyWorld Confernece 2010 Exective Committee


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